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A chat with Max, @ExploreWithMax



Who is Max?


Well to start off my first name really isn't Max, It's Theodore Maximillian Chesnut, but thats a bit too formal for my liking. I'm a travel/lifestyle photographer, with a free spirit, a wardrobe full of color & a mind always on the look out for the next adventure. From the steep hills of San Fransisco to the secret cafés in the middle of Paris, exploring the world is what I love to do more than anything besides photography.


How did you fall in love with photography?


For me the love of photography was more of a happy accident then anything while trying to avoid college. I found myself shooting fashion & runway for a small magazine in Osaka, Japan after finding out I could teach English without a degree. Having someone believe in my creativity was what really made it click for me.


Why did you choose these top 5 pictures?


For me photography is about the the feeling, intent and story behind each image. Some of these photos were planned, some were shot on a phone, but all of them have meaning.

“Understand what you want to shoot. Understand the impact your work could have. Study what makes the world move. Don’t just be a guy with a camera, because we all are.” Would you say that you’re thinking about or imagining your pictures a lot before shooting?


I would say it's a 70/30 mix the majority of my images are planned out with mood boards and a story behind each image, but there's something special about creating in the moment. So I always find time to let myself create something organically without influence.


“Dedication is what makes a photographer to Salgado. Now that we all take pictures every day, are surrounded by images, we tend to forget that. Yes, we all are photographers today. But few of us are ready to make the sacrifice it takes to truly tell the stories that matter” Would you agree with this?


It’s true that to tell a story that matters it takes a ton of time, effort, and passion and it's not a task you should take lightly. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try & try again if you fail, that is what sets true story tellers apart.


Why is sharing your pictures with the world so important?


For me I want my images to inspire others to travel and explore the world. I've found when people leave their bubbles and experience other cultures they open their minds and hearts to the world around them while leaving hate & prejudice behind.


Do you think your art can change someone’s life or the world?


Absolutely! If you don't believe that then it never will!


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